Summer 2017 Road Trip

May 31, 2017

Finally!!! We got started on our long-anticipated summer travel.  We knew we were heading West and that we wanted new adventures, destinations and cool weather but that was it. We didn’t know the path or timeline we only knew West and that we had to be back by August 1.

We got off to a late start but that’s the way we roll. We left on May 31st at 7pm in our very comfy conversion van, had a full tank of gas (can go about 500 mi on a tank), snacks and supplies, and drove through the night. We took turns driving and napping in our queen size bed.

During the drive north out of Florida we opened up our atlas (old school map) and picked out a path to cool weather. The initial cool weather destination would be Pagosa Springs Colorado. To get there we decided to head through Memphis Tennessee. It would be a travel route that we had not done before. The path would be Memphis to Little Rock Arkansas to Oklahoma City Oklahoma to Amarillo Texas to Taos New Mexico ending in Pagosa Springs Colorado.

It was so exciting to finally be going and so much fun to just randomly, with purpose, pick the destinations. We drove through the night switching driving a napping every couple of hours. This is such a comfortable way of travel and travelling at night has a benefit of minimal traffic. It’s especially fun to wake up from a couple hour nap and be somewhere new.

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