Hot Spring Hot Tub Tour :)) part 2

Silly the way we feel right now… all the greenery around has caught our eyes and we have been in a hurricane ever since.
Pagosa Springs – wow this was a site with all its swimming and pools and hot tubs around the mineral spring, it is the largest in the US. After having a margarita/beer at Tequilas with a deck to look out over the swimming spa. We looked at the free area for spring and decided to go to the large pools we gazed at… it was expensive but offered showers lockers, cantina, wifi, and plug in areas at $21/person. We enjoyed a light rain with beers and hot tubs that made you melt. My bathing suit and silver chain were reacting with the minerals and turned a bit rust colored. We took showers after 6pm and got ready for the town. We seen 2 micro breweries and thought we would see what they were like. They had a path along the road that you could see all the hot tubs that over looked the springs. As we walked the small downtown area a cute girl brought us in for a brew and a taste of LSU and Cajun cooking. We ate at the Lost Cajun, sampling lobster gumbo, seafood gumbo, red bean gumbo, and crawfish gumbo. We each had an IPA, purple haze and Andygator a doople buck brew. Were feeling so good that we did not need to find the other brewery but ordered some of the seafood gumbo to go for a camp dinner.
Tues Night June 6th – Camp lower Piedra¬†River on a cue from the cute girl that brought us in that Lost Cajun, so we looked for a two story gas station and the forest road, we found it and it was already getting late… we had no wood and looked for some before it got dark, we did not find much. There was a loud buzzing sound in the trees above our heads, we thought of pine beetles… and it could have been they were so loud. It made us feel a bit uncomfortable, but it was cold so we lit the wood we had, and enjoyed a fire for a bit. The fire ring was built for a “Scout Master” or “burning man” event, with very high walls to it. Went to sleep early this night. Woke up and left after another attempt of bad coffee. In the morning we got out early and drove by the Swimming spring… it was a warm spring but where we put our feet in we felt like “cool” water.
Wed Thurs June 7th and 8th – Perfect camping at Junction Creek for $22/night met the camp host Tim and Ziedia from Jacksonville Florida. They now do this for a living and will go to Montana/North Dakota for picking and grading Beats for extra money. This is one month long and pays very well, it is only open to camp host to do, in October or when there season is right. The camp in this town of Duragno is expensive but we were right near town to go in and the Colorado Trail head was in the camping area – Find our Geo Lucky Strike ~ Colorado trail on the way to see the river, many dogs were playing by the water. They would fetch sticks and jump into that cold river flow. Mountain bikers were using the trail also.
When we would go into Durango we would play pool at large pool hall (Pongos). Went thru a brewery/eatery called DeRailed, and then we also on the second night found a deck that overlooked the street with a band (Gleewood that played, Trio with drummer guitarist/singer and his wife guitar/singer. We set up our camp shower and the whole set up was complete… very comfortable… and the shower was amazing!!! Hot Water in minutes… ty Tana!
June 7th – Durango Co – Went to enjoy a coffee at the Durango Coffee Company, WOW light u up kinda coffee. It was recommended at the Junction Creek Campground from the kiosk Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours. Found Junction Creek Road Camping at the San Juan National Forest. Spending two nights at the camp site we set up fully for the first time. $22/night at elevation 6,500ft. Pop up with screen, the jet cooker for a hot shower, our shower omg!!!! It was so nice to get in for our shower after setting up camp and heating and eating the seafood gumbo. After small naps in our chairs we went out to City Market to get a few things ICE being one of them. Then off to do a 2 loads of laundry next to a brewery called Durango Brewing Co. and had IPA’s i had india pale ale and Tana had Maipach. After that downtown for pool hall in Durango, it was very nice place and had a tourny but we did not enter. Just played our 2 outa 3 game with a prize of “any which way we want it”. Tana won and Tabby had to pay up that night. Made our first cup of decent coffee from a trick called “REBREW” pouring the hot coffee u just made into the grinds to do again… worked out! Enjoyed a blueberry pancake and some bacon on the Jet burner and cast iron slab.

The next camp was by chance it was Bay City on a road to LaPlata. This road lead to many campsites that were free in the San Juan NF. We seen a road that lead into the high mountains and found that it was much cooler to camp. Really this site we thought topped Aspen, easier to get into, Mountain tops with snow and a river running by our site. When we first pulled into Bay City the camps on the river it looked full, but a man name Ron waved for us to take a spot where his car was… he was thinking of holding it for a friend that might come in but said we should take it, he was not sure she was coming. We were so happy he did cuz this site!!!! WOW!!! His Friend did come in later with a pick up and camper…and had room to pull in by his tent. We talked to them for a bit finding out her house in Baton Rouge had been destroyed by the flood, then she bought the camper and has loved going to new places to camp even though Ron had to get her to come to this one from the Walmart parking area. We took many photos here, setting up our shower again to stay two days in this perfect spot. The River wrapped around us and we enjoyed playing in it, crossing it to islands of rocks and bush in the middle area.
Found a breakfast at a small town on way to Mesa Verde called the ABC Bakery ( Absolute Bakery & Cafe) a hippie type bakery with tees that said “Old Hippies don’t die, they bake”… food was so good, Tana had Biscuits and Gravy with Eggs, and I had a Vegie egg Wrap “Joan’s Dish” with sprouts tomatoes cucumbers and hash browns and eggs. The decor reminded us of when we ate in WV. This ABC Bakery had a cute sign when I asked about Wifi – it said “No Wifi pretend its 1982 and talk to each other”. Cute right?

Mesa Verde – NP, wow! Tabby got a stamp and a magnet and a sticker for the back of the van, the drive was about 22 miles in and was up the mesa. We drove the entrance and got our National park card for the year here. They told us about guided tours to the Indian climbing homes (2) or we could drive in and tour and see what we could from the Tree House, we drove in and found the Tree House was closed. Disappointed about this we could not see the Palace that we wanted to see, there was a trail but it was bout a 4 – 5 hour loop so we decided to just enjoy the drive back out. We stopped at a fire tower and Tana talked with the lady guard there and found out a lot about the area – treasure and trails was on his mind again.
We stayed at a hotel at Cortez cheap? Super 8 – went to a place called Mainstreet Brewery having a good time, played some of the games at the brewery they had one being FACT or CRAP on cards, they did have a game room in the basement with a pool table but we did not play for some reason. Tana ordered a prime rib with salmon for his craving. Was ok food, nuttin special. Then one more brew at JFargos Brewery Eatery. The next day we woke up and went to a Indian Anazi heritage Center, watched a movie about the area and then to the forestry division to get a map of the area. He told us the drive to the dam was good and we could camp along the way anywhere in the forest. We drove to the dam and looked around, noticing some nice private camping that we could hit on the way back.
Stayed on the Delores River went to see the dam and found a private camp area with a ring for no cost. Looked for treasure. Put the rug by the fire… the skies were amazing lit up with so many stars, we played a game of cards on the rug & Yeti’s in our hands. You could see the milkyway and most all the constellations.
Tried to stay Delores but no hotels avail so went back to Cortez and stayed in Travel Lodge with JFargos right across the street, did laundry.

Left traveling to Ouray Hot Springs… Drove a different route than ever taken on that Eastern side of Colorado. 145 Route by the 580 Million Dollar Hwy, Stoner (No … a town really), Rico (which was weird, not really a hot spring, maybe mud spring), Telluride (which was having a blue grass fest), Ridgeway, Orvis (clothing optional hot spring), then Ouray.
Ouray is a wonderful town and very fun at night too. Seen the Cascade Waterfall on We got a late start for food, 10pm, and but we were able to get a last call corned beef and cabbage at O’Brien’s. At first Rachel said the kitchen was closed because they had an onslaught of orders (15) and she thought the kitchen couldn’t handle it so quickly thinking I order corned beef and cabbage figuring that it would be easy for the kitchen staff to handle. I got my order very quickly. We befriended the bar keeper Rachel, Tabby tried to get her to go Coyote Ugly, no lucky. Finished there after the group that was in there sang Kenny Rogers – Gambler went to the Silver Eagle Saloon for Pool and Karaoke – Tabby signed up for a RHCP song and we ended on a tie with a couple there from Denver on the Pool games. They had to go and would not play the tie breaker, even tho we told them we could help them make a bet… no lucky again.
The hotel Wiesbaden Inn, that we stayed at had 2 hot springs and a vapor cave in the mountain where the water comes out at 108 or more like 112 wow! We fell in love with the comfort and peace of this place and stayed the night. When you spend the night you have longer access to the springs and the room was so cozy. We left to go to Grand Junction to see our friend. Stopping only at a Ridgeway thrift shop where Tana got a very nice pool stick and found some things for others there too. Tabby got a bunch of finds ~ treasure!
Got to GJ bout 7pm went to a place called Edgewater Brewery right on the Colorado river. Good food, Good Beer (cherry stout, yummy) and so great to be with our friend.

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