Hot Spring Hot Tub Tour :)) part 1

Summer ~ Started on May 31st about 7pm we left for our Trip out West.
Stopping in Georgia for sleep break for a few hours and getting a Pecan Pie for breakfast at 6AM and Peaches. We were on the West side of Georgia … a town of large pecans plantations all around. Found a Licking good Donuts shop and got a tiger tail with cinnamon and other assorted types.
Drove to Memphis Tennessee – Thurs June 1st – Bass and Pro had a pyramid hotel there we tried to get in for the pool but key code access only. We went to the restaurant bar which had glow bowling and pool table. We played a game of pool eating some salsa chips and beer. We wanted to plan to boon-dock this parking lot, but found security would be an issue after the store closed. We hoteled somewhere for the night. Going to see live music at a bar, live blues and only a 3 person band which really was good, a guitarist, bass and drums. Bands name was “The Blues … Across from the BB Kings which also had a band and a $5 cover so we did not go in.

June 2nd Friday – Then to Little Rock Arkansas – Loved this town will next time plan to stay a night here, very much had lots to offer and beauty all around. Went to Local Lime for Happy Hour 2-5 Margaritas with fresh lime and omg the amount of Salsas you can pick from wow. This is where we met a woman named Becky – she let us know this was a great choice for us today best in the US for the food and craft drinks. She also had a bf that was from Montana, and told us about…her experiences in Montana.
June 2nd Friday Night pulled into Oklahoma City, otherwise known as OKC, there we found live music places and chose one called “The Root” this had a $5 cover and was set in a little neighborhood. To our surprise it was not live music that night but a burlesque show “Dust Bowl Dolls” with 4 girls Kitty a sultry blonde, Cannons, a young man, each had young beautiful bodies too, Red Head, and a dark goth type girl. The red head that let me undress her OOooOOlala. It was the young bucks 28th birthday and a line formed to spank his ass for birthday licks. This was our first experience with burlesque shows and we were pleasantly surprised. The show had all the girls get down to pasties and the guy did a fire show and ring show. We played a game of Pool upstairs after the show and a game of centipedes, at a old time video machine that sat two across from each other. We drank the local IPA’s this night and they were quite strong.
We drove to Clinton OK after that. We could see the Windmills for power along the highway.
Amarillo TX June 3rd Saturday Night at a steak house called Houffbrough, on old route 66 very cool route to take, we went to the downtown after our smoked steak and salads to see a band called “Flobots and Qbala (lady rapper from Fort Collins, CO) at Leftwoods only $15/person to get in and great IPA’s to drink plus a pool table where we played our 2/3 game. The bathrooms dirty. Leftwoods was on the corner from the downtown that had lots of places to chose from like broken spoke, and others too many to name. Woke up ate at Denny’s, food was good, went to Starbucks then Donut Stop (not the same company as the one in St. Louis but very good).

Sunday June 4th and 5th – going to Taos, New Mexico. We had GREAT camping wow! We had to private nights at different locations. First one was in eastern Carson National Forrest, at Comales. 7,300ft and had to wear jackets at night. Had a beautiful campfire with very dry wood that was left behind, so kind to pay it forward – thank you campers! Price was good here at $11/night on a river with great views, only one other camper pulled in after we went to sleep that night and left before we awoke. We woke at 4am got out of van and looked at the stars. We seen about 6 satellites moving thru the sky in different directions. I told Tana this would be where we would see UFO’s so we watched the sky and when got sleepy went 2 bed.
On side note: we were contemplating the treasure poem, this meant looking over notes, from past journeys we had made. We made our first coffee that AM (still learning best practices.. for that TeeHee). We set off for next destination. Then explored the city of Taos after there Sunday music festival which we missed, the city was a bit sleepy in the morning after that show for a Monday morning but so many Artist Museums and shops and adobe buildings, it really was beautiful. Ate at a cafe outdoors, Bent Street Cafe, had left-overs from ordering Breakfast burritos with potatos. We drove over the gorge of the Rio Grande River and Canyon and stopped at a local brewery Taos Mesa Brewing Co. that we thought had pool tables from old pics on their web site, but they did not so we drove on to find another camp site.
Monday Night – June 5th – Carson National Forest (west of Taos) to a high elevation of 9,800ft to “Hopewell Lake day and night use camping” $16/night. We were only one of two campers that night and the mountain road above the campsites took you to more spots that were free camping there were two large camps already set up there, but plenty of spaces to camp up there, we decided to stay at the campsites and picked a corner one. Another fire with wood from someone who was there before us. It was blustery winds with some on and off rain, Cold rain like small fine hail and just as icy… we had snow spots on our jeans and were stoking the fire to last thru the rains. After thunder and lightening we got in the van to take a nap and let it pass, we were at the top of this mountain. After the rain had passed, the fire was still alive, and we watched as the sky lit up with pinks and corals and bright spots, almost a full moon and the stars and Venus came out to play. The next morning we made another bad batch of coffee … hiked around in a creator area it was a bit marshy. Finding what looked like a sink hole, and picked up some of the rocks that were quartz crystal like. Snow was still in patches at this height on the mountain. In the meadow we had our first sight of humming birds and red robin breast type birds.

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