About Us

Washington Ruby Beach

Welcome Everyone!

This is our blog site for Fun and Adventure, things that dreams are made of... We are having a great time doing vacations the way they were meant to be!  Fun, exciting, taking time to see the wonders of the world, to see the things you have only heard of, dream life the way you think it ought to be, see things you thought you'd never...ever see.  Everybody needs love and adventure, everyone needs cash to spend, everybody needs love and affection, and everyone needs two or three friends.

Our Story

In 2013 we wanted to travel for the summer or at least 6-8 weeks.  We wanted to take our kids and we wanted to do it on a shoestring budget. So we found a full size conversion van (see the Toys Tab to learn more). We set it up for camping and away we went. We never looked back, we've been enjoying travelling ever since.

Tabby Montana

Will bring you outside... baby, let's get outside!

To a world of adventure, to a paradise of travel and spectacular views!


Tana's ... Tabby

Tabby is a free spirited, song filled, spontanous person who loves adventure in new places.


Tabby's ... "Tana"

Montana is full of contrast, wild & crazy, logical & practical, and has great sense of humor and adventure.